Karen Wilson - Alpha's Glory Executive Director

A professional, a volunteer, a servant; Karen Wilson is a woman who has a heart of compassion for hurting people. As a child, Karen watched her parents give their time and talents to help, encourage and support their community through their church, and through her father’s music. When Karen was in her teens, she and her sister studied the art of clowning which enable them to volunteer at several charity and community events as well as visit hospitals and nursing homes bringing smiles to many discouraged people.

In 1982 Karen graduated from Towson State University with a degree in psychology, Mathematics and Secondary Education. After teaching math in a private school for a couple years, Karen felt the call to serve as a foreign missionary. She volunteered to go to Bolivia, South America for 6 ½ years to work with the Quechua (Kech-you-wa) people. While she was there she was able to continue her clowning, tutor Math and English, work with the local World Vision office and spend hours with the women and children in the market place teaching, encouraging and supporting them in their daily activities.

Upon returning to the states, Karen completed her MA in Administration at The College of Notre Dame of Maryland and then took the position as Director of Alpha’s Glory Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Karen’s goal in life is simple: to love the person who is in front of her.

Norma Cox - Administrative Assistant

Norma has a passion for this ministry and a desire to help the community. She serves at Alpha’s Glory as Administrative Assistant and Client Advocate. She is married to her husband, James, for 24 years and has a beautiful newlywed daughter. Norma is a US Army Veteran and a former Educator. She lived in Hawaii for 21 years before moving to Harford County. Norma enjoys serving and attends Calvary Chapel Delta, in Delta, PA.

Board of Directors

The duties of the Board include setting policy, determining the goals and objectives of the center, and securing the funding for the operations of the organization. Spiritually mature individuals are sought who are given to prayer, service and have a compassion for the unborn.

The Board generally meets the second Tuesday of every month. The members of the board operate on the principle of unity, meaning everyone must agree on an issue before implementing it.

New members of our Board of Directors are voted onto the Board by the present Board of Directors. All members are asked to renew their commitment to serve on the Board every October following their election to the Board of Directors. We believe ministering in this capacity is a calling from the Lord.

Client Advocates

Our volunteers act as advocates for the clients by providing accurate information on all options for a positive pregnancy test. They also conduct parenting classes that are part of the mentoring programs offered by the center and encourage single clients to consider abstinence and make the use of the Sexual Integrity Program. We purpose to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every client as God gives opportunity. The advocates also offer classes online by using Bright Course program.