Secret Garden Ministry

There is hope and healing available in a loving and safe environment.

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Sexual Healing

Finding peace and true happiness and holding onto it is the focus of this 15 week study.


Free Pregnancy Tests

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients.

Know the results within minutes with a self-administered pregnancy test.

Parenting Classes

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Parenting Brochure
The first few years of life is the most critical period of growth and development. Infants start the process of trusting the love of mom, dad and God. Toddlers begin experiencing freedom and responsibility and children start understanding how to function in the real world. The parent is right in the middle of that process. But most parents feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the job. We offer a structure for approaching parenting. A road map for creating character in your children. The ability to function as God designed them to function the real world.

Mentoring Moms and Dads

Mentoring Moms & Dads Program Brochure
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An “Earn While You Learn” program that helps meet the needs of an expectant mother by providing for her physical needs, yet requiring that she earn what she needs through learning. Because the new mom meets weekly with the same Mentoring Mom, a meaningful relationship often develops. The content of this program will take the young mother through the stages of her pregnancy, prepare her for childbirth and equip her with parenting skills that will carry her through the first several years of her child’s development.

The client earns vouchers and then shops in God’s Little Blessings Boutique where there are new and gently used items for their baby.

The Authentic Manhood series is an encouraging process that teaches men to live a life of integrity and fulfillment. This series equips men to make their pursuit of noble manhood a lifelong priority. It energizes men to take the courageous steps necessary to embrace authentic manhood on a journey to become who God intends them to be.

When men connect in life-changing ways, a powerful ripple effect touches families, workplaces and the church. Deeper connection with God and other men inspire participants to connect more meaningfully in all facets of their lives. They climb beyond the walls of isolation, and aspire to a biblical lifestyle marked by integrity, boldness and compassion.

Through this powerful series, men learn to reject passivity, accept responsibility, live courageously and expect God’s greater reward.

Life Skills Classes

In addition to learning parenting skills, our clients learn life skills. We offer classes on Money Management, Employment Readiness, Time Management, Relationships and much more.


Bible Studies

Clients are strengthened in their faith as they attend discipleship and Gospel Bible Studies. These studies offer hope and encouragement as our clients learn about the God’s unfailing love for them.

Community Resources

Our center provides community referrals for housing assistance, food pantries, professional counseling, adoption services, domestic violence shelters and local churches.