Perpetual Prayer Calendar

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You can help support Alpha’s Glory by Praying from this Perpetual Calendar daily. Pray for each item by the day of the month indicated. Thank You.

Day 1: Pray for wisdom, direction, and unity for the counselors who will be meeting with clients.

Day 2: Pray that God will create an unusual hunger in the hearts of women to experience personal brokenness (Psalm 34:18).

Day 3: Pray for a spirit of oneness among the staff of Alpha’s Glory CPC.

Day 4: Pray for women who are trying to decide whether or not to keep their baby. Pray that the Spirit would stir the hearts of those that He wants to come to the center.

Day 5: Pray that God will move on the hearts of area pastors, Christian leaders, and women’s ministry directors to encourage women to visit the Center.

Day 6: Pray for spiritual protection and physical safety for the director and staff while at the center.

Day 7: Pray that nothing within this center would be done in the strength of our own flesh, but by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.

Day 8: Pray for a spirit of genuine brokenness and humility in Karen’s heart and in the lives of those to whom she ministers. Pray also for the hand and anointing of God to be upon her in these days.

Day 9: As the counselors spend time studying, praying, and preparing for their sessions, pray that God would give them freedom to share what the Spirit desires.

Day 10: Pray that God’s presence would be evident as women enter the center and throughout each session.

Day 11: Many women walk to the center and come physically weary. Pray that God would give supernatural alertness and energy to these women.

Day 12: Pray that barriers would be broken down and that women would feel comfortable and at home with the counselors.

Day 13: Pray that the counselors would cast themselves upon God to give them a supernatural empowering of the Holy Spirit, trusting in Him alone to meet the needs of the clients.

Day 14: Pray for someone that you know who needs to be at the center, that she will be drawn by God to be ministered at Alpha’s Glory.

Day 15: Pray that God would bring a tenderness, receptivity, and oneness to the hearts of the women and they would respond accordingly to their counselors.

Day 16: Pray that the counseling team will be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, to change the direction of a session at any time as He leads.

Day 17: Pray that God will protest from any unnecessary distractions or interruptions during the counseling sessions.

Day 18: Pray for women who do not know Christ—that God will draw them to Himself, that they will hear and believe the truth of the Gospel, that they will be convicted of their need of Christ, and that God will grant them repentance and faith unto salvation.

Day 19: Pray for women who are believers—that they will fall in love with their Savior, Jesus, all over again.

Day 20: Pray that the Word of God will quicken souls and that women will respond in obedience to the truth God reveals to them personally.

Day 21: Pray that the Word of God will quicken souls and that women will respond to the truth God reveals to them personally.

Day 22: Pray that women will experience the freedom and joy that comes through embracing God’s ways. Pray that women will understand their need to be completely dependent on God and surrendered to His will.

Day 23: Pray for women who need to deal with receiving and giving forgiveness for specific sins or offenses in their past.

Day 24: Pray that God will continue the work He began in the women at the center and that the enemy would not steal the seed that has been sown in their hearts. Pray that they would be able to get involved in a local church.

Day 25: Pray that as the women arrive at the center they would feel warmly welcomes. Pray that they would sense the love of Christ in other woman they meet.

Day 26: Pray that not one person will leave the center without having has a fresh, personal encounter with God.

Day 27: Pray for sensitivity, wisdom, understanding, and a listening ear for the counselors whose clients may have dealt with some difficult issues.

Day 28: Pray for women as they return to their homes. Many are going back into difficult situations and need the Lord’s grace to sustain them.

Day 29: Pray that the Lord would receive all the glory due His name from the “heart transplants” He will perform in those whose heart and lives are yielded to Him.

Day 30: Pray for fruit that will remain to the praise and glory of God, the One who planted the seed.

Day 31: Pray for hearts willing to change in the next month.

“Please Pray for our Counselors”